Who we are...

The company

Périgord Dordogne Montgolfières is a family business. The blue balloons have been flying around the valley of the castles for more than 10 years.

Thibault Carves, the current manager, took over the business from his cousin in 2018. Coming from an old Périgourdine family, he is keen to pass on the local heritage and historical values of the areas overflown.


Our team

Throughout the year, the team consists of 2 to 5 highly passionate and qualified pilots. Some are instructors, while others regularly participate in championships.

These "balloonists" are assisted by crew members, indispensable right-hand men in charge of helping them to set up the hot-air balloons, assisting and transporting passengers to the ground.

Our hostesses will take it in turns to welcome you at the meeting point, as well as to answer all your requests, including by telephone and e-mail.

Périgord-Dordogne-Montgolfières is a whole team, combining professionalism and conviviality, to make your flight a unique moment!

Our hot air balloons

We have 5 blue hot air balloons, all decorated with birds. Recent and meticulously maintained, they are subject to thorough and regular checks, to meet the latest technical and safety standards.

Different sizes allow us to meet all your requirements, whether you come for a flight as a couple or in a group:

1 balloon for 2 to 3 passengers + pilot

This little balloon, the latest addition to our fleet, was designed in the only French design workshop: Chaize balloons. Because we have at heart to encourage the French craft industry. This balloon is mainly used for couple flights in a private gondola and for training flights. Once inflated, its beautiful blue envelope decorated with a mischievous-looking white kingfisher contains 3400m3 of hot air.

1 balloon for 4 to 5 passengers + pilot

It is decorated with 3 beautiful swallows and is also used in priority for private flights. It amazes for example the couples of passengers who come to discover our "Magic Flight", because its capacity allows to take along in all comfort 2 persons for an appetizing tasting of local products, served with professionalism and discretion by a hostess. The capacity of its envelope is 3700m3 of hot air.

2 balloons for 6 to 8 passengers + pilot

Each of these 2 balloons is proudly decorated with majestic kingfishers, the emblematic birds of the Dordogne river to which we are particularly attached. Like our flights, one rests peacefully on its reed, while the other spreads its wings with grandeur. The first one has a capacity of 5000m 3 of hot air, the second one of 5500m3.

1 balloon for 10 to 12 passengers + pilot

Our biggest balloon is, because of its size and the compartments of its basket, the most stable and comfortable of all. Like its two little sisters, its envelope is also decorated with a kingfisher, but this one reaches a volume of no less than 7000m3 ! In most cases, that is to say except for the presence of small passengers in short pants and featherweight, its pilot will embark only 8 to 10 passengers. We attach great importance to your comfort. The composition of the crew also takes into account several predefined parameters, depending on the weight of each person and the weather conditions.