Learn to fly a hot air balloon

Make a childhood dream come true...

Flight training

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class="wp-image-258150Learning is above all a story of passion...
We are committed to passing on the latter in compliance with European regulations.

Make a child's dream come true, learn to fly in our school Périgord Dordogne Montgolfières. Our training courses are given by instructors approved by the French Aerostation Federation and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation in accordance with the federal and European programme.

Our flying area - the valleys and plateaus of the Périgord Noir - offers a unique setting for learning to balloon.

The varied aerology allows a complete practical experience. This way, with your license in hand, you will be able to fly in various territories.

We also offer the following additional training courses:

  • Group B or C extension
  • Commercial extension
  • Renewal of skills, refresher course

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Requirements for obtaining a hot air balloon certificate and licence :

  • The trainee will have to undergo a medical examination by a doctor approved by the civil aviation authority.
  • The practical training consists of 16 hours of flight time as a hot air balloon pilot, including a minimum of 10 inflations and 20 take-offs and landings. A solo flight of 30 min.
  • Theoretical training allows the trainee to acquire the knowledge necessary to pass the theoretical exam.

Upon decision of the instructor responsible for the training, the trainee will be presented to an examiner for a flight test. The flight test consists of a radiotelephony test and ground and flight tests defined by decree.

The European licence of free balloon pilot is an official title giving the holder the right to exercise the function of free balloon pilot of the type mentioned on the licence (gas or hot air).