We have several take-off sites approved by the DGAC. We will meet directly at one of them; parking is free and guarded. The main site is located in the park of Castle Monrecour, close to Beynac. The others are between the gardens of Marqueyssac and the castle of...

The flight

One hour flight, with a total time together of three hours. The preparation of the balloon is done in the presence of passengers. About 40 minutes are required before takeoff.  The path and conditions of the flight that follows are always a surprise. Upon landing, we...


Each passenger is insured under the liability related to aircraft used. The risks are borne in amounts comparable to those required by the Warsaw Convention in terms of air passenger transport. Objects taken by passengers are not taken into account by our insurers or...

Someone with reduced mobility

Welcome aboard ! Contact us a little before arrival in the Dordogne and we will arrange a flight for your disability or reduced mobility.


The public passenger transport activity in a hot air balloon is under the direct control of the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) which granted us an air transport certificate CTA .F SO-050 July 18, 2011.