Our balloon flights

Join us for a magical moment …

A flight of about one hour on board of one of our blue balloons decorated with painted birds.

We’ll fly over the castles of Beynac, Castelnaud, Les Milandes, and let ourselves float with the breeze and wind. We will fly over the watershed of the Dordogne valley, sometimes flying just over the roofs, sometimes in high altitude …

Thanks to our team, with a long experience of teaching aerial sports, you will enjoy unique historical and geographical insights. The Dordogne valley offers a particular lighting, a thousand architectural treasures, and breathtaking landscapes.

We will make a photo gallery, which we will give to you after the flight. A breakfast will conclude our morning flights, and a drink will mark the end of evening flights …

Our take-off sites are located close to the castles of Castelnaud (agreement n°050707), Les Milandes (agreement n°050706). Our main take-off site is located in the park of the castle of Monrecour (agreement n°050654) at Saint Vincent de Cosse (1.5 km from Beynac towards Saint Cyprien, Bergerac), across from the castle of Les Milandes

One-hour flights

A one hour flight, with three hours together in total.

Adults : 205 €
2 persons flying : 195 € per person
4 persons flying : 185 € per person
Children under 12 : 115 €

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Flight over wind and history

Exclusive flight, proposed by Patrick Becheau and Anne Becheau, historian.

Up to 3 flying : 950 €
4 to 7 flying : 1600 €

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Exclusive flight

1-hour flight

Please contact us

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Flight "at dawn"

2-hour flight – We will take off at dawn, spend some time in high altitude, and come down to explore the landscape.

2 to 3 persons flying : 1000 €
per additional person : 270 €
8 to 12 persons flying : Please contact us


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