an exceptional moment

A flight as a gift idea

a unique, unforgettable gift

illustration-billetkdoAn exceptional gift!
If you want to offer a flight as a gift, we will send you or the person of your choice a ”gift ticket”.

The recipient of the gift will contact us when desired, to agree on a date for the flight. If the weather prevents us from flying, the ticket validity will be postponed as many times as necessary.

The overall time spent together will be about 3 hours, including one hour of flight. Each flight is followed by a drink or a breakfast for morning flights. Pictures of the flight are available on demand.

The payment for the gift ticket is due on or before receipt of the ticket mailed.
This ticket is valid for 12 months, and is non-refundable.

One-hour flights

  • Adults : 205 €
  • 2 flying : 195 € per person
  • 4 flying : 185 € per person
  • kids under 12 : 115 €

Flight Over wind and History

Exclusive flight, proposed by Patrick Becheau and Anne Becheau, historian.

  • up to 3 flying : 1100 €
  • 4 to 7 flying : 1700 €

Exclusive flight

1-hour flight
Please contact us beforehand


Flight “at dawn”

2-hour flight – We will take off at daybreak, spend some time at altitude, then we will cross the landscape.

  • 2 to 3 persons flying : 1100 € (per additional person : 270 € par passager)


a gift ticket

By phone

05 53 29 20 56
06 83 26 47 66

By Email

using the form below :




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